crafting with a purpose

two girls, making and selling crafts to benefit eating disorder treatment. this blog is to share our ideas, products, hope, and updates on Alex's current treatment.

expect random tutorials, inspiration, lots of craftiness, and even more hope.
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i would just like to remind everyone that only about 1/3 of eating disordered people are underweight. you can die from an eating disorder even if you are at a normal weight or overweight. you deserve help and recovery no matter what you weigh.





One of my favorite projects that I’ve made - I knitted this out of Cascade 220 in order to teach myself different stitch patterns and techniques when I was first learning.

Chromatose on Ravelry

This is awesome!


Bravery is it’s own kind of beauty.


What’s great about knitting and crocheting is that you make something and people who don’t know how to do it treat you like a fucking wizard for being able to make things out of a ball of string.

Why yes, I AM a wizard. Thank you for recognizing my talent.


daily reminder:  recovery requires patience and determination.. just know that you can do it. don’t give up.

When you realize you messed up your stitches several rows later…


How to Crochet the Bobbles and Ladder Stitch